Ömer Kayahan YALÇIN

DataMed General Manager



DataMed is a “Medical Informatics” company which is specialized in “Medical Image Archiving”. First of all in the beginning of 2000s, a device named “Capture Station” was developed for the purpose of DICOM transformation of “Angio” devices. This product was installed in one third of all Angio market in Turkey. Afterwards, “Angora PACS System” software was developed and put into market in PACS field in 2006. These systems operate in about eighty hospitals successfully.


Having products also in advanced medical image processing software (MIP, MINIP, MPR, 3D), DataMed carries a project on “Internet of Things” taking place among the mostly interested subjects of the world in the recent years. By means of this project, which is based on an application developing platform, every kind of electronic devices such as medical device, automobile car, air conditioner, phones will be connected to each other. Special boxes will be designed and produced for objects that do not work with electricity and are not called “smart” to be “smart”.


DataMed will give any firms in any businesses to develop any software they want on this technology over this developed platform. At the same time, By means of this platform, the firm will have the chance to develop their own applications in fields like the monitoring of intensive care devices and elderly care. By intensive care devices, the pulse, fever and heart rate information of the patient in ICU will be collected in cloud system and the necessary information will be sent to the related doctor as a warning when intervention is necessary. Thus, hindrances to prevent the doctor from intervening the condition of the patient will be removed.


Kuntay AKTAŞ

BTech Innovation R&D Director



Having operation in Hacettepe University Teknokent, BTech Innovation enables patients to turn to their previous condition functionally and aesthetically, by means of the 3D technologies used in operations and diagnose-treatment methods and prosthesis designed especially for the individual. In design offices, for the hard tissue in skulls, face and chin area that has to be removed due to cancer, traffic accidents or gun injuries, custom made prosthesis is designed in the same shape and features of the removed part.


Due to its complex and unique geometry, there is no prosthesis current solution for skull, face and chin area, but by the new technology prosthesis is made in adaptation of the anatomy of the individual and in lock-key relation with the body. The established prosthesis is completely tailor-made so the body adapts to the prosthesis better, the patient gets well earlier and many operational risks are removed. Moreover, for the patients who seek for more functional and successful operation results, BTech Innovation creates tailor-made designs even if there is a standard solution and the patients are enabled to return to their previous condition both in aesthetical and functional terms.


Besides, doctors are offered 3D anatomic models and a new method is used in diagnosis and treatment. Doctors can examine the anatomies of the patients in 3D models instead of 2D X-ray, without missing any detail.


Gökay KAYA

VİDEA Software General Manager



Founded in 2011, VİDEA developed many different products in software field and shifted its focus on human resources management. Carried by VİDEA, Human Resources Management System (HRMS) is the solution partner in following the personnel tracking of the directorates in public institutions and the units related to Human Resources department within the body of private sector.


HRMS Personnel transfers all the data, used in this field where personnel tracking is very important, into electronic system and enables to give all desired statistical information and reporting instantly. Being web based, the system significantly reduces the time lost in document collection process and facilitates the tracking process prominently. HRMS Identity Share (Mernis Civil Interrogation System) operates integrated with many services, SSI Service Monitor Program in particular. The most important difference from others, including those abroad, is that it has the capacity to collect the personnel within its body without making any officer, worker division.


VİDEA Software HRMS started to be used in the whole body of Ministry of Culture and Tourism and General Directorate of Mineral Research and Exploration, besides a mobile application which provides dynamic reporting integrated with HRMS project for General Directorate of Mineral Research and Exploration.