Sanpark Informatics Co-Founder

Giving service in web Technologies since 2004, Sanpark operated in software field with the modelling language Modo and the software development platform Pyronome, which they developed.

The software development platform Pyronome, developed by Sanpark carrying their operations within the body of Bilkent Cyberpark, allows to produce resource code in different software technologies over one single web based program; and enables a considerable saving in cost and time spent in average software development periods. The platform allows everyone with basic software knowledge to develop software easily. Besides small scales projects, softwares that are big scaled and require a deep knowledge can be developed over the program; and the software programs produced by the platform can be tested over internet by the test servers provided free. By means of the tools enabled by Pyronome, a software project which is started by a developer can be continued by other programmers or they can add their own applications. The distinctive characteristic of the platform, on which you can develop significant programs in three or four hours, is that it is compatible with all software technologies.

Aiming to incorporate the modelling language Modo developed with Pyronome to the software sector in the global scale, Sanpark primarily plans to reach the public-domain software developers in USA, Europe and India.

Ahmet BATI

Innology Informatics Co-Founder

Carrying its operations in Bilkent Cyberpark, Innology firm operated in the field of open air advertisement by their LED screen panels named “ZAP!”. The panels named “ZAP!” publish the advertisements over taxis working for 24 hours, according to the time and place where they pass. These panels leaving the control of where and when to show them completely to you by determining the target audience according to location and time measurements, is like a brand new open air channel for advertisement givers and advertisement agencies

Having qualified LED screens, these panels get the advertisement from the system simultaneously with the location and time you determine and the ads start to be published instantly. Managed from one centre, these screens send the screen time and their locations to the database and allow making measurements with statistical data over web application. The firm can optionally send the summary and detailed reports about the measurements to the customers by e-mail daily or weekly. Commercial taxis working for 24 hours are preferred as the most suitable platform for these LED screens that can be mounted on every model of cars rapidly and easily.

“ZAP!” advertisement panels carried its first field work in Manisa in 2014 local elections. The initiative was one of the ten teams and won 10,000 TL capital, getting to the second phase among more than 300 projects in PILOTT competition, which is Turk Telekom’s Program for Accelerating Initiatives. In the scope of this competition, the firm had the chance to go to Silicon Valley. They are carrying on their interviews with investors at the same time. Innology’s 2014 target is to get in operation with 200 cars in Ankara and Istanbul until the end of the year.


Tende Electronics and Software Board Chairman

Tende was founded in 1997 to make production in electronics and software fields. They developed mid-products in electronic hardware and software fields for different devices in the healthcare sector ın a short time, our electronic designs and software programs were successfully working in many products of healthcare sector. This success encouraged us in the field of incubators and photo-therapy, which require advanced technology and security and we decided to produce incubators and photo-therapy every part of design and software of which belongs to us.

Intensive care baby incubator is a very important device which is used in hospitals’ new-born units and enables to provide the necessary conditions for the new-born infant’s development and treatment and to maintain these conditions at the desired stability. With the infant incubator device, mother’s womb is simulated. The infants that are born premature or with specific disorders cannot keep their body temperature in a stable and necessary level. It is very important for the health and development of the baby to keep the body temperature at a specific balance. Moreover, the baby should be kept in an environment isolated from the outer world. The conditions of this environment consist of many parameters such as sterilization, silence, filtration of the intake air, a stable temperature level and desired humidity level. Infant incubator is the device which basically enables these environmental conditions. By the incubator device, the oxygen and the weight of the baby can be monitored.

Our short-term aim is to improve mass production line by moving to a bigger factory environment and increase the capacity to respond the international demand. The whole world is focused on innovation. If you follow technology well, if you have innovations to increase benefits and decrease costs and if you support this with a qualified production organization, you can compete with the world’s giants. Examples of this are a lot in the present day. The biggest threats for the world’s giants are the new technologies.