Batuhan Birol KESKİN

BBK Bio-Technology General Manager


Starting its operations in the beginning of 2014, BBK Bio-Technology R&D Engineering started out by aiming at commercializing molecular genetic based technologies and developing new and national technologies specific for this field. Firstly starting to work on enzyme technology, our firm aimed to combine the methods that will bring productivity at the stage of producing industrial enzymes with microorganisms. In that sense, we plan to establish the technological infrastructure to increase the industrial enzymes we provided dependently to other countries in order to use as by-products and in processes to the modern production productivity of our day, even though there is a production capacity in many sectors like cleaning, food, paper and recycling,

Even though we see that there are a lot of separate valuable activities in this field in our country, we believe that the reason for dependency in this field is that interdisciplinary integrity is not yet at the desired level. For this reason, we believe that we will reach this planned target with our team and our mutual activities in this field which is included in the expertise of molecular biology, bio-technology, chemistry and chemistry engineering. We started the aim of developing enzymes that are used as additives in machine detergents with the support of TUBITAK 1512 Entrepreneurship Progressive Support Programme. Then we continue with the KOSGEB R&D Innovation and Industrial Support Programme and carry out our activities in KOSGEB Hacettepe Technology Development Centre.

Doç. Dr. Selçuk ÖZDEMİR

Informatics Garage Academy Manager


Informatics Garage Academy provides children between 7 and 16 with the life skills of the “near future” with the trainings of programming, web design, 3D design and robot design. The project, which was founded in Gazi Teknopark with the name of Inventors’ Garage and receives investment with the success it gained in a short time, was named as “Informatics Garage Academy” with the change made in the name. After the activities, more than 40 training centres were opened in the country and more than 10 private schools started to use the provided content.

Informatics Garage Academy, with its slogan “from download society to upload society”, provides content for children to make their own web sites besides codes, to design a toy or good they dream about in 3D, and most importantly to code the microchips in electronic circuits and robot designs that will constitute the base of wearable technologies that will be faced in the coming decades. Moreover, with the education packet that will be opened in October 2014 for the first time in the world, children will start to take training of “entrepreneurship with informatics” that will make their productive informatics skills. In the trainings, in which nearly 40 entrepreneurship acquisitions determined by the European Union are integrated, children will get information and skill in many subjects from patenting a product that they design to planning production processes; from supply-demand concept to cost accounting.

Informatics Garage Academy constantly enriches its content with the collaborations with national and international organizations in subjects such as learning management system, robot design and 3D design. Planning to open the training contents obtained by receiving international investments recently to the use of children of the world, the firm mainly targets Middle Asia and MENA region countries.


NANOVAK R&D Co-Founder


NANOVAK R&D Ltd. is a flexible production company. It operates in defence technology and nano technology. It designs and manufactures space simulator, thin film coating devices, vacuum brazing devices, optical coating systems. It does not use “know-how” and does not do “buy-sell”. It does its own R&D and design. Independently it develops products by making innovations and improvements. Therefore, it has 3-4 (%300) times cheaper marketing chance compared to its foreign competitors. Its products can be characterized as custom manufacture. There is no mass production. It usually offers products for defence industry and nano-technology research sectors.

NANOVAK has never participated in foreign fairs and done marketing operation. However, it was the first firm to sell VACUUM equipment to foreign countries in 2008. There is a regular vacuum equipment sale to two European firms. Moreover, two devices were installed in EGYPT national research centre in 2013. 6 system orders have already been taken from England for 2014 and some of them have been delivered already. Investment planning of 3 different products whose production and maturing are completed in 2014, for their patent and extensive sale in foreign countries.

The strategy of our company is to specialize and gain depth in the field of vacuum systems. NANOVAK took into its vision to offer global products with much more added value by specializing in the field of vacuum systems, thin film coating systems and nano-technology applications. In this frame, fully computer controlled and full automatic defence industry workbenches were offered to use for the first time in 2013. By intensifying our efforts in this field, we plan to compete more strongly in the global market. NANOVAK continues its operations with the vision of providing global products to European and American markets.