Starting its operations in January, 2014, 3DTIM Electronics Inc. was founded by two professional engineers graduating from METU, Electric and Electronics Engineering Department. It received TUBITAK and KOSGEB support programs besides defence industry grand award, ASELSAN and Denizbank special awards in the New Ideas New Businesses competition, conducted in 2012, with the application of 3D Time of Flight (ToF) technology in the industry. 3D ToF technology is a technology that is emerging newly in the world. The usage field of this technology is generally recognition of hand movements, but it is also used in fields like counting people, parking support in automotive, environmental consciousness in robots and automation reformation.


3DTIM aimed to use this technology in logistics and cargo sector first. The purpose here is the calculation of volumes by measuring the sizes of coming cargo boxes or pallets. By means of this technology, it is possible to calculate even the volume of objects with irregular shapes. Among the products on which the firm is working are volumeters integrated into forklifts, which have no equivalents in the world, and cameras that indicate the real time fill rate of trailers. Being the first company using this technology for the first time in the world and in our country, 3DTIM aims to become a leading company in its field.



T2 Software General Manager


Being included within the body of Bilkent Cyberpark, the firm T2 promises a comprehensive tweet analysis with the social media service Skykeeper.


Giving software service to telecommunication and finance sector since 2011, T2 has focused on social media services in the recent years. With the tweet analysis application named Skykeeper, the firm enables you the sentiment analysis which enables to detect the positive and negative contents according to the desired subject or criteria among the tweets posted from all the unprotected accounts.


Besides organizations, individual users will also be able to benefit from Skykeeper, which had analysis in subjects such as Gezi Park, Usage of Banks on Twitter and the Presence of Turkish Airline Companies in Social Media and share their reports on the internet.


You pay a fee over PayPal system, as much as the analysis you make on Skykeeper which you can follow the tweets in real time by the work in cloud system. An important difference of the application from similar products is that it gives service for quite low price. Other prominent differences are its ability to filter posted tweets according to their location information and to function as an effective crisis analysis tool for the users by its alarm feature.



Tiga Informatics General Manager


Tiga Informatics was founded in 2007 and has been giving service to its customers in the field of information and communication technologies since then. Continuing its Research and Development activities, which they believe that has high added value to human life, country and the world, Tiga aims to give direction to the information technologies of the future and bring reputation to Turkey in this field.


The Drug Tracking System (DTS) which Ministry of Health had done by our company is the first successful drug tracking system in the world. By this system, which was developed for the Ministry of Health, it is possible to determine the location where the products are in supply and distribution processes. By means of the electronic product code, it is possible to track every movement of the products, namely drugs, in the supply chain from the point of production or importation. Drug Tracking System tracks every drug entering Turkey, from the production to sale, so it provides a protection against illegal activities like sale and fake clips of fake, illegal drugs or the ones that had been sold to payback organization. Drug Tracking System is one of the limited project of Turkey, which includes big volumes of data and whose response periods are critical, and is the most successful example in its field in the world. Total number of drugs, followed in the system is more than 7 billion and the average number of processed drugs is about 30 million.


The mobile Application of Drug Tracking system, DTS Mobile was started to let track every drug entering into Turkey, in order to protect the health of the society. By this application, citizens can now interrogate any drug they want, get informed about the state of the drug and also access the current price information of the drug. The patient can learn whether there is a decision for the withdrawal of the drug from the market due to any reason (such as damaging material, side effects etc.) over DTS.