Kader ACAR

ANALİZ R&D General Manager

ANALIZ R&D is not only one of the firms giving service in the field of biometric systems in sports centres in Bilkent Cyberpark but also offers the most economical and qualified solution.

Taking place among the first three firms meeting sports centres biometric system needs in our country, ANALIZ R&D can give service, apart from device delivery, with their management system developed specifically for the enterprise. The said NLS Sports Centre Management System can track the entrance-exit times of the members frequently and also allows to manage the data like accounting and appointments together. By means of the hardware service provided with the management system, it can solve the integration problems faced by all kinds of software. All branches of MAC chain, Baselife, NeoLife, Sportive Life Club, Renew Club, Ankyra Sports Centre are only a few of the sports centres receiving service from ANALIZ R&D.

Being able to develop all kinds of biometric software products on hand geometry recognition, ANALIZ R&D is ready to become the solution partner of many different sectors like health and tourism, for their needs such as member and personnel tracking. Having had another office in Istanbul, the firm closely follows the foreign market through the fairs it participates.


Arbatros Informatics Technologies Inc. General Manager


Arbatros Informatics Technologies, a Bilkent Cyberpark firm, has completed and offered the Notebe project, which is the first event guideline operating using iBeacon technology in Turkey, to the service of its users.

By combining iBeacon technology, an indoor application enabling to give content information and notifications depending on the locations of the users, with the mobile application software we developed, we established Notebe, which is a new mobile event guideline application. Later on in the project, we aim to enable participants to meet with event content in the mobile platform.

Notebe product is a very useful mobile application in which the plan of the rooms and halls of the event location can be seen. By the application the changes in the event program can be delivered to the users immediately. Moreover, users can access the background and programs of the speakers in the event ad can view the location of the event place (congress centre, conference hall etc.) on the map. Our product (Notebe) also enables to build a social platform for the event and allows the participants to share interesting activities in the event with the other participants and make them see what is shared thereon.

Operating on iPhone and Android devices, Notebe application can be downloaded free from Apple App Store and Google Play Store.



POS Software General Manager


POS Software has been in the retail sector since 1994 and continues its works with its specialized team in Hacettepe Teknokent.

Our firm created Turkey’s first Windows-based front office and case program and these products have been used in Epson and Wincor Nixdorf cases since 1996. Carrying the Chain Store program, working with other case and front office programs, into life POS Software succeeded in combining both front office and back office program of Turkey under the same roof.

Being the first Techno-city supported firm of Turkey in its sector, our firm accomplished, apart from front and back office, storage and goods receiving systems wirelessly, and integrated it into the back office and carried customer tracking concept to new levels with the smart card (chip).