TDU Engineering General Manager


TDU Engineering is a R&D Company in the field of Defense at Hacettepe Teknokent in Ankara. More than 10 years, the company has been working on anti-radar invisibility technology.

With Multispectral Camouflage Net, is applied by covering tanks, armored vehicles and weapon systems in order to be protected by radar detection and thermal print tracing of enemy. This product has 4 features: Visual Protection, Near Infrared Protection, Anti-thermal and Anti-radar.

This product without anti-radar feature has been produced by many companies in the world, but only companies of USA and Israel can produce this product with anti-radar feature. From now on, Turkish army’s need for survival will be satisfied indigenously by the products of TDU Engineering,

Multispectral Camouflage Net and anti-radar structural Composite Materil developed 100% indigenously by TDU Engineering can be used on land air and sea platforms such as tanks, UAVs and vessels.

Today; invisibility for UAV and sea platforms is achieved by anti-radar paint cover, but because of disadvantages such as weight and corrosion, anti-radar composite material solution is required. Recently, TDU engineering has managed to produce anti-radar structural Composite material which has no example in the world yet. Applying this material to the body of UAVs and vessels, these vehicles will have anti-radar future and will not be detected by radars.

Now, company has started investment activities for mass production of proto type products that pass successfully necessary invisibility tests. TDU Engineering is aiming at meeting firstly country’s needs and later making contribution to economy of Turkey as exporting to foreign countries.

Emre EGE

DESİSTEK General Manager


Around 70% of the world’s surface is covered by water and 90% of these areas still wait to be discovered. DESİSTEK was founded by the support of Science, Industry and Technology in 2011 with the ideal to solve the mystery of the waters to be discover and to make underwater visible. Desistek aims to develop underwater tools which can be used in many subjects about underwater such as petrol/natural gas, archaeology, underwater research, underwater pipe line, underwater biology, criminal finding, harbour security, oceanography researches; which is small but resistant to stream, steady and also with reasonable price. SAGA (Underwater Observation Tool) weighs only 10 kg and can perform tasks such as making underwater research to 250 meters depth, transferring underwater image to the surface simultaneously and gathering samples successfully. The adaptation of the tool to the user needs and its fast delivery are among other advantages.

The expression “covered by water from three sides” is one of the mostly known phrases of basic education years while defining Turkey. In order to research this richness, ready underwater tools which were supplied from foreign firms were being tried to be used. We say “tried” because maintenance and repair of the products used in underwater researches should be much more different and more frequent than the tools used in daily conditions. In such cases, the fact that service opportunity is out of the country, that it takes a long time to deliver the product to the producer, detect and remove the fault and to send the product back to Turkey can bring the activities to the dead point. In the recent years, we hear things like Syria make our plane crash, that there are some inconveniences with foreign companies in oil and natural gas researches in Cyprus and Black Sea Region. Thus, there is a need for unmanned underwater research vehicle which is produced locally. Desitek takes this as a responsibility and takes a big step with SAGA to meet the technological need in underwater researches of our country. SAGA can be used in many fields like underwater archaeology to reveal our cultural richness underwater, analysis and protection of underwater energy transfer lines, underwater tracking at regions where sea traffic is intense like Bosporus and Dardanelles, harbour and bottom security purposes, earthquake researches, production tracking of fish farms, examining ship bottoms in shipyards, drowning and lost incidents, analysing the underwater structures in dams and in many other areas.

Besides, Desitek performs the production of strong and resistant data buoys that are used in fields like climate, stream, coast guard and shipping, on which many different types of sensors can be integrated.



Our firm was founded in 2005 with the name of CBSTÜRK in Ankara, and has been giving service to its customers with the name of PROGIS since 2007. Giving importance to R&D focused projects as well; our company has been continuing its software and projects focused on R&D with Hacettepe Teknokent office since the third year of its foundation.

The founding purpose of our firm is to detect the lacks in related fields and to offer effective solutions for these lacks in a short time as a result of R&D intensive activities.

As a firm which feeds Geographical Information Systems, Map-Cadastre, e-Municipality fields with Software technologies, we aim to take our quality that we proved in international standards to higher levels. In that direction; our basic strategies are to keep human resources and technological investments up to date in the direction of necessities and to improve them when necessary; to design systems in order to perform data production and transformation tasks of organizations and institutions with whom we work in the frame of e-State project in the most efficient and faultless ways; to put sign into R&D activities to be beneficial for our country in the fields of Map-Cadastre, Geographical Information Systems and e-Municipality; to develop more global and modular solutions; to establish cooperation with universities and/or international leading firms in the direction of this purpose; to decrease the procedures between the citizens and institutions by offering effective solutions in every step from document production to archiving by the solutions we produced and will produce in the fields we are interested in.